3rd Quarter 2016 – Time to reflect, reset and recharge

3rd Quarter - July 2016How did we get here so fast, right?

One of the traits of successful business owners is the ability to analyze, track and adjust. What’s working? Where do you need to add resources? How can you get better results? What are you holding onto that is no longer serving you?

Taking a moment to evaluate means you’ll save money, time and your sanity too. When you quiet the chatter of the everyday activities you may also see new patterns or hit upon a new idea that you just can’t hear when you’re in get-it-done mode.


Be honest with yourself. No one else needs to know how things are going. You must know though. How else can you make changes or improvements if you don't understand what’s not working?

Are you putting your efforts where they matter most?

Can you see what is working? How can you do more of that?

Are you attached to an idea, system or process that isn’t working? Where do you draw the line to keep at it or let it go when you aren’t seeing results?

Sometimes we get emotionally drawn to a concept and then have trouble admitting that it’s not working. I know I have! It’s okay to change or acknowledge that it isn’t meeting expectations.

Quitting on an idea doesn’t make YOU a quitter, it simply means you can evaluate and make changes based on facts and evidence in your business. Letting go of a project that isn't working frees up the space mentally, physically & emotionally to create something else that will help you achieve your goals and support your community.

Remember to celebrate what is working! Find out how you can do more of the same or expand that method. We often discount things that work well because they are easy or don’t cause us as much anxiety. Give yourself permission to do a little happy dance when you hit a goal, see improvement and growth in your business.


Honest evaluation only matters if you take action. What changes do you need to make? As a small biz owner, we usually don’t have big margins to work with.

Having a plan B (or C and D even) will save you when you realize it’s time to take a new approach. It’s also important to implement new strategies once you’ve discovered them. Don’t allow fear to keep you from growing. Is video on your to-do list? How about reaching out to form a collaboration or be part of a cool event?

Make doing something new a part of your reset game plan.


This may be the most important. Make sure you have some planned and built in down time for yourself. I find that when I’ve taken a break from work and work-related tasks that’s when I get the best ideas and insights. When my brain is allowed to slow down and pause it’s amazing the new inspiration and creativity that shows up.

If you haven’t taken some time away from your business – schedule it on the calendar now. Make sure you honor your commitment to yourself.

That’s part of what being an entrepreneur is all about. Doing what you love and merging it with your life. When all things are balanced, the stress and anxiety melt away.

How do you want to feel in Q3?

What makes you happy? What outcomes/goals are important? What can you do to get there?

I have a few go-to people in my life that provide me with perspective. They know me and my business well enough to see what I can’t and when I ask for their feedback it’s always allowed me to see where I can make changes that will make an impact.

How can I help? I'm always here if you want to toss around an idea or if you have more of an in depth issue. Simply visit my calendar and set up a time for us to chat.

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