What if you sent fancy invitations?

fancy invitationsDon’t be mad at me, but it’s time to have an honest no-holds-barred conversation about list building. It’s a topic you’ve heard about before. I’ve talked about it plenty myself. And I’ve figured out a few things that I want to pass along .

When I hear “list building” in the online marketing world, it makes me feel uncomfortable. It always has on some level. Because it seems that the idea of real people with things to do and places to be are many times treated as an afterthought or a task to check off of a to-do list. In my head, I kept thinking these subscribers, these PEOPLE aren’t beside the point they ARE the point.

Maybe it’s because my list is full of friends and current/former clients. People I know and like and enjoy. When I send these emails, I’m thinking of YOU. I’m talking (in email form) with you, sharing what I know or what I've learned on this entrepreneurial journey we share. My goal is always to help shed some light & ease about something you may be dealing with or something that will probably pop up along the way. Let's face it, it's a full time job just trying to keep up with what’s going on in this crazy internet world along with all of the new tools, tips and trends. I welcome the emails I receive from mentors and people I trust to help me along the way.

I have been mentally struggling with this for a while. Is it semantics or does it really matter? I listened to my body language and my mental language. This is what I have decided…

It matters. To me. Maybe to you as well.

So let's think about it differently. Let's put some authentic energy behind it and communicate with people in a way that values them wherever they are.

Here's some thoughts to help make the shift…

What if we sent a beautiful invitation to people we hand-selected to be on our list?
Would things would we do differently?

  • Would we take the time to get to know and understand our ideal clients and prospects?
  • How would it change what we say?
  • Would our opt in offer hold more value?
  • Would we communicate more or less often?

If you have a list, you may be doing this already. I hope you treat them as your community. People who raised their hand (virtually, by opting in) and said YES, I want to connect with you and stay in touch. The fact that it’s primarily a one way conversation can make it seem like we aren’t all connected but we are. It's amazing to me the number of responses I get to emails.

[Tweet “The energy and intention you put into every email affects each person who receives it.”]

I don’t know about you – but that gives me chills. It also makes me want to let you know that I appreciate you being here. I enjoy bringing value and sharing what’s happening in my world and my business.

You see, not only does it affect you but it affects me as well…in a deep and meaningful way. You are much, much more than my list. We’re a tribe and I’m lucky to be part of it with you!

Until next time,

Let your authentic voice connect you with the world!!

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