Set Up for Success: What’s Your Word of the Year? Part 2

I love choosing a word of the year. Intentions and resolutions are great, but I find it really helpful to have a word or phrase on which to focus for the entire year, guiding everything I do. 

In Part 1, I shared my last phrase of the year and how it helped me step more fully into my business. 

Now let’s kick off 2019!

My word for this year. 

I’ve never been a fan of choosing a word or phrase that one would think they should adopt. Things like “ease,” “flow,” “financial freedom,” “growth,” and some of those other feel-good buzzwords of the moment didn’t feel quite right. I like to let the word come to me. Besides, I have found it’s not a great idea to “should” on oneself anyway. 😊

And it happened again this year. It came to me in the shower, as many good ideas do.


Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I want it to be purposeful.

All my efforts, my team’s efforts, whatever direction my life and business takes, I want it to be purposeful.

I love that feeling when someone says “Wow, did you do that on purpose? That worked perfectly!” and I can say “Yeah, I did. I meant for that to happen.” 

I love this word because it fits my WHOLE life, not just my business. TIP: That’s always a good sign that a word or phrase is the one for you.

So 2019 is the year of being Purposeful. At The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox as well as in my personal life.

Does that mean everything will automatically fall into place? Absolutely not! I know I’ll have a lot of opportunities to be purposeful or not. When I make a decision, even if it doesn’t work out the way I would have liked, it’ll be okay though. I will look for the purpose in what happened and how I can use that experience in the future. 

By exercising this particular muscle, I will be able to look at opportunities, for me and my clients, and ask “What is the purpose of this particular activity? How does this pertain to the overall message? Do we need to create something that supports this particular activity?” and similar questions, personally and professionally.


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Tips for Choosing and Using Your Word of the Year

While I really like this practice, sometimes I feel like we just recycle buzzwords over and over again but don’t actually mean anything to us or we aren’t fully able to embrace. We use certain words because we feel like we should

Of course, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t use popular words if they really resonate with you. I encourage you to not limit yourself though. You can pick any word, phrase, sentence, whatever, as long as it strikes something in you. Many times it can feel like it picks you. 😊

So what do you need this year? What are your hopes and dreams for this shiny, barely opened new year? What are your visions? 

I suggest giving some thought to what you want the new year to be and then leaving it alone. Let the word come to you naturally, and trust that it will. 

When it shows up, you’ll know. It will feel right. You’ll feel it like a resonating tuning fork. 

Let your word find YOU.

One year it was Communication. That was our family word. The ones that have been most meaningful/biggest different are words and phrases that affect my whole life, not just one part or the other. 

Keep it where you are reminded of it frequently

I have seen many discussions online where quite a few people can’t even remember what their word for last year was.

Put it where you can see it. Write your word down. Print it out and frame it. Save it on your computer background or phone wallpaper. Decorate it if you want, hang it up in your office, in your car, on your mirror, in your kitchen, wherever you’ll see it every day so it can guide you throughout your year. 

When you feel lost, remember your word. Bring yourself back to that. Look for opportunities where your word applies, and you’ll find them everywhere! You can even list some ways that word can guide you right now in whatever choices you have ahead of you. 

You’ll be amazed where it takes you. 

Here’s to an incredible 2019! I’d love to know what your word is for the coming year.


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