Setting the Stage

Have you acquired your first 5 clients for 2017? I'm sure many of you have and some of you have exceeded that number. Way to hit the ground running!

If you're still working or just starting your efforts kudos to you, too! Many people dream but never do.

Everyone has their own pace and we're not all starting from the same place. Your business is unique and no matter where you are in the process, setting the stage will always be helpful.

It's the foundation of all the messaging and marketing. It's why the other pieces pay off in the form of new clients, a larger list, and referrals from happy customers.

Setting the stage is all about being prepared. It's what happens at the theater before the audience shows up. It's also why the performers can excel when the curtain goes up. Prep and practice are done and now it's time to shine!

For business owners and entrepreneurs setting the stage will help you do the same thing. You'll be ready for the spotlight and a raving audience when you prep and plan.

If you've done this work before, it's always a good idea to review and see if anything has changed or needs updating.

Who is your marketing meant to reach?
Where are they?
What problems are they having and how do you solve them?

Can those who need your product or service find you?
When they do it is easy for them to connect?
Is it clear how they can hire or buy from you?
Can you make it even easier?


Are you serving your clients (the past, present, and future) with helpful information?
What can you do to keep them up to date with the newest trends and changes?
How can they provide feedback and ask questions?

What do you have available for giveaways?
Is there a way for me to access more information (paid or not paid) and is it easy for me to do?
Are things up to date and current?

What do others say about your work?
Is it easy for me to see examples of your products or case studies of your client results?
Do you publish thoughtful opinion pieces about your industry?
Have you weighed in on a new trend that you like/dislike?

It's likely that some of this list won't need attention. You've kept parts of it up to date based on your current client needs which mean the bits and pieces that do need attention will make everything else more effective.

Setting the stage means you're ready for business. It shows your clients that they can count on you and that you're a resource to be valued.

Here’s to your next 5 (and the next 5 and the next 5), new clients!

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