Social media posts need refreshed?

Coming up with content ideas regularly can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially when you're juggling everything else you do along with several different social media accounts. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to have 4, 5, 6, or even more social media accounts across at least as many platforms. That's a lot of content to come up with on a regular basis!

If you're running dry on ideas for social media updates, here are fifteen of my go-to content ideas to get moving again.

1. Infographics

Infographics are attention-grabbing, informative, and simple to make! They also tend to get a lot of clicks. You can share some you've found, or create your own in programs like Canva.

[bctt tweet=”Infographics are attention-grabbing, informative, and simple to make! They also tend to get a lot of clicks. You can share some you've found, or create your own in programs like Canva.”]

2. Share articles related to your expertise.

Share useful articles from other sources that your audience might like. Feedly is a great tool to use, because it compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources.

3. Old blog posts

Recycle old blog content by sharing past popular posts. This is also helpful for those who are new to your work and might not have caught that post the first time around.

4. Image Quotes

Posts with pictures do much better on social media, and everyone loves an inspirational quote! You can create eye-catching quote graphics in minutes with a program like Canva.

5. Engaging Posts

Create a poll or ask a fill in the blank question. People love giving their opinions and input, so this is a great way to increase engagement. You might also get some great ideas for future content!

6. Go live on Facebook

Live video is HUGE right now. Videos do really well on Facebook and it is a great way to engage with your audience in a fun way.

Bonus content: If you get the live video transcribed, then you've got content to repurpose as a blog post or even more social media content!

7. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is similar to Snapchat, and a great way to share videos and pictures. Share behind the scenes clips, do a live Q&A, or share industry-specific tips.

8. Recommend your favorite tools and services that you use for your business.

Create reviews of your favorite and most-used tools you use to keep your business running smoothly. Make sure to ask for recommendations as well. This will boost engagement on the post, and you might find some great new tools!

9. Write a book review that relates to your industry.

Share a favorite book that your niche would benefit from along with your thoughts. This is a great way to get a conversation going with anyone else who's read the book!

10. Recurring weekly posts (Like Follow Friday, Favorites Friday, Throwback Thursday, Tech Tuesday, Hot Tips Tuesday, etc.)

Every week, create a themed post. For example, you could have a “Favorites Friday” where you share all of the things you are currently loving, or a “Hot Tips Tuesday” where everyone can share their favorite new business hack! They don't have to be an alliteration, but that gives you an engaging post for any day of the week so you don't have to worry about your page being a ghost town if you don't come up with another post for that day.

11. Tutorials and How To’s

Create a tutorial post or video teaching your followers something that they would be interested in learning. You can also repurpose that video or the transcription as content to use later on another platform. Repurposing tip: If you do or have done recorded webinars, pull a clip from that to share.

12. Hold a contest

This might cost you a little money, but it can be a good way to accumulate new followers and leads. They're fun too! You can make this as simple or as creative as you like.

13. Memes/GIFs

Everyone loves to laugh! Incorporate some humor into your posts with a good meme.

14. Employee/team posts

Showcase members of your team by sharing a picture of them in action or just having fun along with a blurb about what they do, things they enjoy, etc.

15. Testimonials

Share a client testimonial to showcase your talents and establish credibility. Remember to link to the project whenever possible.

With this list, you'll never run out of ideas for social media content again!

What are your favorite go-to tips for creating content when you're out of ideas?

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