Staring at the blank screen? This will help…

stop staring at a blank screenYou’ve decided to build your list and communicate on a regular basis. That’s awesome. Now you’re wondering what to say and maybe even how to say it and what if you hate to write?!?!?

No problem. I’ve got you covered.

Let’s talk methods.

Keep in mind that you can share your content via your emails, in multiple ways. It can certainly be a written post (like this one) but you can also share a video, an audio file (transcribed would be a nice touch) or primarily images.

If writing isn’t your thing, why not try dictating your message? Google docs allows you to “talk to type” so you can create your post and then go back and edit it for the way we read vs. listen to information. You can also use this as a way to transcribe an audio file.

Some email providers allow you to embed audio files which is a great way to share information. Many people prefer to listen vs. read. Since 60% (probably even more) will open your emails on a mobile device, giving them the option to listen can be a good idea. It provides the option to listen while driving, doing the dishes, taking a walk etc.

Video is also an easy way to share your message. It can be embedded in your email client as well. The key is keeping it short and creating a short synopsis so there’s a reason to watch.

Even if your email service providers don't allow for embedding audio, etc. You can always put together a quick paragraph letting your readers know what you've created and direct them to your website to listen or watch your audio or video.

Guess what? None of this matters if the email isn’t opened.

Your subject line is the most important part of the email. That’s what entices your audience to open the email and check out your info. It should be relevant and engaging. The only thing it’s meant to do is make me click to open.

I really encourage you to take a little extra time on this step.

What do people want?

[Tweet “Your messages (in any form) will be best received if they are relevant to the needs of your audience.”]

The best way to figure that out? Like so many other things in your business, your community will tell you if you pay attention and listen. What questions do they ask? Do you find yourself covering something with clients over and over? What is happening in your industry that’s new? Where do you differ from conventional wisdom? What posts or messages are getting lots of responses?

You’re the expert on your stuff. Don’t be afraid to talk about popular topics multiple times. In fact, some of your audience wants/needs to hear it in different ways. A great example is Social Media Examiner. They send info out daily (or nearly daily) and it’s always about the same general topic. They share case studies, insights about platform changes, best practices and more. It’s relevant and it’s what they know. Over and over.

Think about news ways to share the same information.

There’s a business axiom that people need hear information 7 times before it sinks in. I’m not sure that’s true but I do know that hearing concepts in different ways helps us understand it. I also know that timing is everything. Your message that didn’t connect with me last month may be exactly what I need to hear today.

Create a plan.

Rather than flying by the seat of your pants or churning out an email just for the sake of sending an email & hitting your “quota” for the month, be purposeful. Design a plan or strategy that will connect and support your audience. The result is a well thought out plan that will serve both you and your subscribers.

Need help? Schedule a Strategy Consult and I'll help you map it out.


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