Get Ahead: Start Your 2019 Plans NOW

Did that title make you say “Huh?”

Or “Really, Teresa? You want me to start thinking about NEXT YEAR when the leaves are barely changing and I’m just trying to keep it together THIS year?”

Yup. I sure am.

Let’s be honest: Do you really want to think about planning 2019 during the holidays when you’re busy shopping and caroling and eating cookies with your family? I sure don’t!

Now is the time to start planning your content, resources you’ll need to add to your toolbox, your team, networking efforts you’d like to make, conferences you’d like to attend, and all that other good stuff that can really make a difference in your business.

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Get a jump on 2019 and start planning NOW.

Here are some questions to start thinking and brainstorming about NOW:

  • What do you want to accomplish next year?
  • What is your income goal for 2019?
  • What do you want to learn? What kind of training do you want to invest in?
  • What new products, services, and retreats do you want to offer?
  • What team members do you want to hire? What tasks do you want to outsource or automate?
  • What systems do you want to implement?
  • What conferences, conventions, and networking events would you like to attend?
  • Do you want to travel for your business, or even your personal life?
  • How do you want to feel in your business next year?
  • When would you like to take time off, and for how long?

Note: None of this is set in stone. A lot can happen between now and the end of the year, and it’s okay to change your plans. You can even change plans at the last minute if you want to. Flexibility is important!

Thinking about this stuff early and making a tentative plan will give you a jump on the new year, and at the very least it will give you a strong foundation for your 2019 plans so you don’t have to start from scratch while you’re still hungover from eggnog.

Next year is going to rock!

If you need help putting those plans into motion, if you’re overwhelmed by your 2019 dreams, or if you know you need to hire your right-hand woman (and awesome team) to rock 2019, let’s talk.

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