Succeed on Purpose: Don’t Leave Your Business to Luck!

Are you leaving your success up to luck, or are you making plans and making it happen?

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Sure, luck is great, but luck is something you can create.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident about your success instead of feeling like it’s out of your control? I see too many entrepreneurs that just hope they’ll get lucky. They jump into a launch without a plan or foundation. They set random goals with no real plan for accomplishing them.

And that’s no way to succeed. Luck can help, but to enjoy sustainable success, you’ve got to have a plan, a purpose, and systems in place.

Otherwise, how will you be able to analyze metrics to find out where to course adjust?

So what are you leaving to luck?

  • Hoping you’ll find the time for that big project?
  • Crossing your fingers that you’ll find clients or someone will refer an Ace your way?
  • Hoping things won’t fall apart due to your lack of organization?
  • Just hoping your launch will go well?

Isn’t it time to take the reins of your business and move confidently forward?

How to take control of your success and stop relying on luck

Get educated

If you don’t know how to do something and it’s holding you back, learn it! Buy a book, watch some YouTube videos, or invest in a course. Knowledge is power!

A lot of those front runners you see out there? They didn’t know everything then that they know now. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that can really mess up your business, because you won’t know what’s missing until it’s too late.

Make sure learning is a part of your work day. Never stop learning!

Make a plan

I know how it is. When you’ve got a million things going on, the last thing you feel like doing is slowing down for fifteen minutes to write stuff down and make a plan.

It feels like if you slow down, even for a minute, everything will fall apart around you. I promise, it won’t!

If you’re overwhelmed, write down everything you have to do and by when, then make a schedule. Break it up and do it in a couple of sessions if that makes it easier.

When you’re jumping into a huge project, make sure you’ve outlined all the important parts and make a plan for when and how to do them.

If you have a plan, you have something to follow. If you don’t, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick. Take the time to plan!

Make time

Time doesn’t just sit around waiting for us to fill it. There’s always going to be something vying for your attention. If something is important, make time for it.

Block off time in your calendar, planner, or project management program and guard it like you would guard an appointment with your favorite client.

Want time to work on your next product? Block out a time to do it. Want to start exercising? Set an appointment with yourself to hit the gym. Want time to work through the course you just bought? You must set aside that time and fit it in with the rest of your plans, or it will never happen.

Don’t wait for time to appear, because you’ll be waiting forever.


Don't hope you’ll get to it all yourself. Running a successful business isn’t a one-person job!

You don’t have time to do everything, and if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have the skills to do everything well.

Save yourself tons of time and headaches and outsource the stuff you don’t have to do, like social media, techy stuff, and the everyday tasks that keep your business running. That way, you have the time and brain space to do the stuff only you can do.

Get yourself a VA, copywriter, graphic designer, or OBM to help you. You need a team on your side who knows what you’re doing. That way, everything gets done and better, because everyone’s doing what they’re best at.

The best part is, an OBM can help you with all this other stuff!

If you need help making a plan, finding a team, or if you need accountability to get things done, an OBM can help you with all of this.

Want to talk about whether you're ready to start building your team? Set up a time to meet with me!

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