Business Cards FAQ

business cards faq

Business cards are a very valuable tool in your toolbox. There’s a lot of potential packed into that little 2×3 paper rectangle. I’ve put this compilation together based on the questions I receive most from start-up entrepreneurs. What information should I include on my business card? At the very least, you should have your company…

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Who Are You? Where’s Your Bio?!?

who are you

Where’s your bio? I’ve often said that the home page is where you let people know they are in the right place and the bio or About page is where you let them know they are working with the right person. I’m surprised at the number of websites I visit who do not have this…

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What Does Your Email Address Say About You?


Credibility Buster~Are you still using a free email address like,,, etc? How do I know you’re a real business and not some scammer? Credibility Booster~ is much more credible!   Which would you take more seriously? or You can set your email address up to come into your gmail…

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