How Do I Know If I’m Stuck?


Recently, I’ve had conversations with clients who are moving forward in their lives, toward their specific dreams and goals. They have shared that when they look back, they now realize they didn’t even know they were stuck or when it happened exactly. At some point though, they noticed that something was out of alignment. This…

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How Long Will You Put Off What You Are Dying to Do?

someday isle

I received my daily message from Neale Donald Walsh the other day and this question was near the end of the email.  I don’t know about you but it made me sit up and read it again!  Is that powerful or what? How many things do we allow to get in the way of the…

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Who Would You Be?

who would you be

My 11 year old daughter is a member of Kid’s Company, a local performing group.  It is a non-auditioned group, meaning that everyone is accepted, no auditions.  It is a great program that builds self esteem and teamwork among other values. Their first public performance was last December at Traditions at Mill Run, an assisted living facility.  These children range from…

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What’s the Alternative?

whats the alternative

I have been noticing lately that many people are not happy where they are. That seems obvious given the financial state of the country. The real surprise is that finances are not the center of unhappiness for the majority of people I am running into. It’s a variety of things~their house, their spouse, their car,…

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