Set Up for Success: What’s Your Word of the Year? Part 2

I love choosing a word of the year. Intentions and resolutions are great, but I find it really helpful to have a word or phrase on which to focus for the entire year, guiding everything I do.  

In Part 1, I shared my last phrase of the year and how it helped me step more fully into my business.  

Now let’s kick off 2019! 

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Goals seem out of reach? Try this!

Some people can keep themselves in line when it comes to getting stuff done and reaching their goals, but others need some sort of accountability system. This can look different for everyone! Some do best with a group to keep them accountable while others prefer a good friend, a coach, or a business partner. There are also those who do just fine with visual accountability like a planner or checklist. It’s important to create a system that works for you, as long as you have some way to hold yourself accountable.

Here’s why accountability so important.

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Rock Your Goals with These 6 Tips

The end of 2017 is fast approaching! Have you reached your goals for this year yet? If not, there’s still time, and it’s never too early to begin thinking about your 2018 goals. One of my favorite tools for setting and achieving goals is a planner. In fact, I love planners so much that I’ve…

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Freedom comes in all kinds of flavors. What’s yours?

Independence Day was this week in the US. While this is an American holiday, celebrating independence is something we all have in common. I can’t help but think about, and be grateful for, all of the freedoms we have the opportunity to experience. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, work freedom is at the…

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It’s So Much Easier When You Know Who!

When you identify who is most likely to purchase your products and services it simplifies everything else. It provides clarity and makes it so much easier to avoid the shiny distraction. It’s a non-negotiable step one. This isn’t about demographics, it’s about people. Use this 5-step process and get ultra-clear on your WHO. 1. Be…

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Intentions, Resolutions and Goals

make it happen

  There are several schools of thought regarding New Year’s resolutions.  Some people cannot wait to make them, others have given up on them entirely, some are very serious that this is the year they will achieve them, while others make light-hearted, fun resolutions.  Nevertheless, there is something irresistible about a shiny new year, a…

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