My Three Favorite Places to Network

Networking can feel overwhelming because there are so many places to network online and offline, and at the same time you may not be sure where exactly your audience is hanging out. And when you have figured it out, what do you do when you get there? What do you actually say?

If you know you need to network but aren’t sure where to start, here are three of my favorite ways to connect with people in my industry and generate more leads for my business.

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A Simple 3-Step Strategy to Build Buzz

Most business owners will tell you that they get the vast majority of their leads through referrals and word of mouth. While that is probably true, those leads and referrals come in because you’ve done something to build a relationship with the person who is referring you. In other words, you’ve built your reputation and…

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Would you like to get more leads from speaking?

Here’s a great article that came up in my tweet stream one day. I especially like number 5 on the list, it’s something many of us get stuck on in the beginning.

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