5 Social Media Post Strategies

Everybody wants to know what to post on Facebook, what to Tweet about, or what to leak out to your network on LinkedIn.  “What are the best social media post strategies?” is a common question I am asked. There are 5 main posting strategies that I go by and teach as part of my Social…

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LinkedIn Connection Requests: Why do you want to connect?

LinkedIn Connection Requests

We’ve all received them…and probably sent them before we knew better. 🙂 Those dreaded mechanical, boring, default LinkedIn connection requests. I took the screenshot below of part of my LinkedIn connection request page a while ago with the intentions of writing this post. I’ve blocked pics, companies and names to protect those who I choose…

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Linked In Tip~Optimize Your Website Links

I just read a quick & easy tip from Katie Swinehart of Keeping Your Relevant on how to optimize your website links on Linked In. I know the techy part can sometimes be confusing when you read about it so I created a short video to walk you through how to do it. Be sure…

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