Simple Steps to Starting a Membership Site

If you already have several info products that you’re selling separately, a great way to create additional recurring income is to create a membership site where customers can pay a monthly or annual fee to access those courses and any others you create during their membership.  

You can also add other value such as access to a Facebook mastermind group, monthly Q and A calls, or access to other exclusive content like resource lists and mini workshops.  

But how do you actually make this happen? What are the nuts and bolts to creating a membership site? 

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How To Set Up An Accountability System That Works For You

Most of us could benefit from some sort of accountability when it comes to reaching our goals. It’s a rare person who stays productive with zero nudging or accountability from anyone or anything. There are lots of different ways to create accountability, and it’s important to pick an accountability system that works for you. Sometimes a…

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