Stop Planning. Start Building.

Planning is an important element of your success and definitely not to be overlooked. That’s why I didn’t say Don’t Plan. It’s easy to get stuck in that place though. There’s a false sense of productivity and safety that can cause you to linger there longer than necessary. Planning to launch your website. Planning to start…

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PR is Opening Doors

pr opens doors

I often see articles asking about the definition of PR. Here’s one I like: “PR is opening doors.” What does this mean? As part of a worthwhile PR effort, media relations factors in, in a big way. Media relations opens doors for companies to get the word out about their product or service, raising their…

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Would you like to get more leads from speaking?

Here’s a great article that came up in my tweet stream one day. I especially like number 5 on the list, it’s something many of us get stuck on in the beginning.

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