When the magic pill isn’t working (+ download)

Magic pills. The quick fix. The six-figure launch. The seven-figure blueprint. It’s no wonder many of us feel frustrated and misled. The promises and hype surrounding marketing information, and online marketing, in particular, is enough to make anyone a cynic. Which is why I want to encourage you to pursue strategies that are proven. That’s…

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Have You Created Page Titles?

I’m not referring to your navigation or menu label. The page title is what search engines read & rank. The page title is very easily one of the most important attributes on your webpage. Surprisingly, it is very often given very little consideration…especially by new and/or small businesses. It is a summary of what the…

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Where Is Your Call To Action?

where is your call to action

I’ve looked around your site and it looks great. There are colorful pictures, plenty of white space, and interesting content. It was a pleasant 3-4 minutes and now I am ready to leave. What?!?!? Why? There isn’t a clear call to action. You aren’t asking me to do anything. Yes, there might be an opt…

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