Back to Business: Get Your Business in Gear After a Summer Break

One of my favorite things about late August through mid-September is that back to school vibe. There’s a slight crispness to the air that signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall. There’s a newness that’s different from the newness of New Years.  

All the shiny new school supplies. New clothes. Excitement and growth.  

Whether you liked school or not, back to school time probably still conjures feelings of endings and beginnings for you.  

Even as adults, and especially if we have kids, back to school can still feel a little strange, even though we usually aren’t the ones going to school!  

Parents are scrambling to buy new clothes and school supplies and get their kids ready for the school year, but why should the kids have all the fun? Your business deserves a back to school boost too! 

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How to Have More Fun in Business

Yes, business is a lot of work, but it should be fun too! Most of us start businesses because we’re passionate about something, but sometimes the paperwork and taxes and uncertainty and all the to-dos pile up and block our view of why we started in the first place. We get wrapped up in the details and lose our sense of fun.

So how do we rekindle that old spark?

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How to Take Time Off In Your Business (Without Everything Falling Apart)

In February, I got to spend a beautiful month in California on Coronado Island, my favorite place in the world! It was a wonderful opportunity and though I was still working, I wasn’t doing nearly as many hours as usual.  

Instead, I got to spend some quiet time reflecting and dreaming about my business, relaxing on the beach, and playing with my son.  

How was this possible?

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How to Get Started With Group Coaching

If you have knowledge that other people want that works best when catered to them, coaching is a great option. So how do you get started? Here’s a rundown of things you’ll need to consider.

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Delegate, Don’t Abdicate

As I was thinking of April, I couldn’t help but think ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ In that spirit, I decided that I want to shower you with the brilliance of some of my favorite people this month.

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How an Online Business Manager Can Help You Build Your Empire

For many entrepreneurs, hiring a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager is one of the best things they’ve ever done for their business. Often, it’s been the turning point that led to higher sales, greater profits, and a general up leveling of their business and brand.  

Here’s how an online business manager can help you grow your business and profits.

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What To Expect When You Hire An OBM

Thinking of hiring an online business manager, but you aren’t sure where to start or even if it’s the right choice for you? Don’t worry, most entrepreneurs feel this way before they take the leap. Most later report that it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for their business! We understand. Here’s exactly what to expect when you hire an OBM.

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How To Get Lucky In Business (And Life!)

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, there’s a lot of talk of luck going around. Personally, I don’t have much patience for leaving things to “chance” or “luck” that shows up willy nilly.

I’ll be upfront with you: There’s no magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Hell, there’s no end to the rainbow and we all know that. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t be lucky in business. 

Use these tips to begin creating your own version of lucky!

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