Terrified to try webinars?

Terrified to try webinars?You’re the expert. You sincerely want to help your customers. You have so much to offer and still, there are times when you feel like the best kept secret online.

Getting exposure and sharing your message doesn’t have to be so hard.

Or scary.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your “expert-ness” is to invite your audience to a webinar where you can teach them a skill or explain a solution for them. It’s one of the best ways to grow your reach, your credibility, and invite your target market to pull up a (virtual) chair and get to know you.

You've probably attended a webinar or two, maybe even one I’ve done. You’ve probably learned a thing or two from the ones you've watched…and unfortunately, you’ve probably also attended a few that made you groan and wish you could get back that 30-60 minutes of your life. I know I sure have. I may even have hosted one or two when I started out! EEK!!!

I know you want your attendees to walk away feeling like your webinars were a great investment of their time and attention. I’ve put together a few tips to help you get started.

Tackle The Technology

You will need a platform for your event. There are several to pick from.

Go To Webinar is one I have used for years.  It comes with a sign up link that’s easy to set up and allows for your audience to listen later if you’d like to use that feature. You can also download the file for later use.

Google Hang Outs is a great free alternative but has it's limitations.

There are quite a few platforms and plugins available. If you have a question about a specific one, send me a note on the contact form.

I am currently testing Nathalie Lussier's new Webinar Ally plugin for WordPress. As a matter of fact, I will using it for my next webinar on Monday, October 26th at 2pm EDST…sign up below.

Plan Your Program

The best webinars all contain two basic components. First, content that is relevant and helpful and second actionable take-aways. If you plan your presentation with your audience in mind, respecting their time and attention then you’ll be great.

Outline what you’ll teach, come up with 2-3 great strategies that your audience can implement and use case-studies to help make your case.

A catchy title will help with sign ups – be sure it tells your audience what they’ll get.

Example: Four Easy Steps To Winning Webinars

Ready Your Resources

It’s helpful to have a worksheet or checklist that your audience can download ahead of time. This insures they remain engaged through the process and helps those who may attend by phone only – so they can follow along without the visual part of your online presentation.

I also like to have a follow up resource to email to those who attended live as a bonus and a thank you for being part of the event. This also allows you the chance to make an offer or invite them to sign up for your email list and continued opportunities for engagement.

Be Sales Ready

A 45-60 minute webinar is enough time to share valuable info but you won’t have time to cover everything. That’s okay. In fact, it’s preferable to leave your audience wanting more. Be sure to anticipate this with an offer during the event (how to hire you, buy from you, get more info) or with a follow up email. You can also send out a quick 2-3 question survey so your audience can tell you what they found most helpful AND what they still want to learn.

Planning and completing your first webinar can be a bit scary. I know many people are concerned they can’t manage all the moving parts.

That’s why I’m taking the fear out of the process with my upcoming webinar, Webinar Strategies That Work, now called Wickedly Wonderful Webinars. (Shhhh! It's still Webinars Strategies That Work, I just like the aliteration better and it fits the spooky theme better, don't ya thnk?)

Monday October 26th

Sign up now so you can incorporate this helpful tool into your marketing mix!

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P.S.  Next time I’ll have lots more about planning your content so your webinar rocks!

P.P.S. Email me with your webinar questions and I’ll be sure to cover them in an upcoming email. This is your chance to take the terror out of this process.


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