The Magic of Momentum

Is 2017 going to be your year? I hope so. It’s already shaping to be a big year for The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox. Some days it feels like a dance. Shuffling resources, switching gears, building business momentum, and keeping my eye on my goals all while taking care of home and family isn’t always easy.

That’s what we do. I know you probably feel that way too. It’s why you want to work for yourself. Freedom and flexibility mean I can plan my work around my life. For many of us, that’s just as important, if not more, than the paycheck.

Momentum brings magic to your business. Creating momentum is simple to do. It requires a commitment to taking daily actions (work days, not every single day) towards your goal.

Years ago, I was responsible for reaching out to clients via phone. I figured out that I needed to call 5-6 each day of a 5 day work week. The weeks when I did my calls each day I saw best results. Every now and then I’d skip the calls on Monday and then making 10 calls Tuesday felt like so much more that I sometimes skipped that too.

The next thing you know it was Friday and now I needed to make 20+ calls. I’d do them. I would never not do the work. But every time this happened (it wasn’t often) I realized that when I stuck to my 5 calls per day routine, it was easy.

Plus I reached more people and made more sales those weeks.

What can you break into easy do-able chunks to create your momentum?

Do you need to write for 30 minutes every day to ensure the blog post gets done?
Research one new client?
Send follow up emails from your in-person events?
Reach out to event organizers with your speaker's info?

Momentum isn’t doing a herculean task once a month, it’s doing small, impactful things #EveryDay.

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What’s on your momentum-making list?

Here’s to your next 5 (and the next 5 and the next 5) new clients!

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