Theresa D. Nelson, Self-Care Restorative Solutions

Self-Care Expert:
Theresa D. Nelson, Self Restorative Solutions

Theresa’s adult experiences lead her to understand the important role taking care of ones-self plays in nurturing a life of balance, happiness, health, and success. She has learned under some of the leading names of our time such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Elder and Medicine Woman, Patricia “Mechi” Garza, Dr. Light Miller, ND an Ayurvedic Consultant, and Dr. Michelle May, a Family Physician and Mindful Eating Expert.

Theresa is full of passion and enthusiasm as she shares topics that are content rich, with real life experiences, humor, compassion, and antidotes infused with practical strategies for mindful living. Not only is Theresa a Certified Faith Based Clinical Coach, she is an Self-Care Success Strategist™ and a Mindful Stress Management & Holistic Well Being Coach, Author and Speaker.

The benefits attained by embracing and putting into action powerful tools for a more balanced lifestyle are numerous. Those who fully embrace the practical applications experience a life changing effect on the mind, emotions, and body. These benefits enable the student to maintain a higher level of energy, mental clarity, override stress and anxiety, deal with "control dramas", and create healthy boundaries enabling us to live a more balanced life. Even after 30+ years of empowering others to take care of themselves, she had the opportunity to experience, more profoundly, the benefits of the holistic strategies she had been living and teaching when her husband went through a serious health challenge. Knowing how to handle yourself in high stress situations is critical for survival.

Theresa has appeared for private groups on cruise ships, corporate webinars, workshops, health conferences, health and wellness expos, business women's groups, corporations, and faith-based organizations.  She has published and authored Nurture Your Soul and Nurture Your Soul Journal and Companion Workbook along with four other books.

“Our power lies within if we would only be more aware of the actions we take in our day-to-day living. I want my clients and audiences to know what’s possible when proven strategies are implemented. We are our greatest assets. When our “ship sinks,” everything goes down with it. I am here to help us maintain a sure and steady course as we navigate through the rough conditions encouraging the best possible YOU to surface!”

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