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This week's guest:
Danielle Thienel, Danielle Thienel Coaching


From an overcommitted, overscheduled, always striving never arriving, overwhelmed mom to one who knows exactly where her power truly comes from, Danielle Thienel’s peace meter is off the charts. She had been blindly going down the road of perfectionism for many years, but instead of staying lost there, she’s now been found. She found the key to having true joy, balance of life and peace of mind and heart through the tools and concepts of life coaching. After she hired her first life coach which led to a complete upleveling of her mental and emotional health, she transformed her whole life for the better. It wasn’t long before others saw her living her best life and wanted some of that “secret sauce” themselves, so Danielle felt called to become a life coach herself and now dedicates the same help she received to other overwhelmed moms too.


As a certified life coach from The Life Coach School with an advanced certification in faith-based coaching, Danielle will help you navigate the challenges and struggles faced through all stages of motherhood and offers one-on-one personal life coaching packages. You can also find her on your favorite podcasting app as she fittingly hosts The Peaceful Mind Podcast.


In this episode ~

Danielle shares how she went from trying to do it all (to the point of becoming sick!) to creating the life she wanted. Taking full responsibility for her thoughts and therefore her feelings, she now helps others find their own power to change and transform.

By the end of recording this episode, I felt as if I had experienced a session with her. There are so many nuggets throughout our time together, I have listened to it several times.


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