Is Your Vision Big Enough for Your Business?

Does your business feel stagnant? Do you wish things were different, but you just can’t put your finger on what needs to change?

If you feel like you aren’t growing and you aren’t sure what you want or where to go next, it might be time to expand your vision. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. And you can’t create what you can’t imagine.

If you’re stuck in the details, it's time to rise above it to see the big picture.

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Why you need to change your perspective

Imagine you’re in a giant cornfield picking corn with no end in sight. When you’re in a cornfield, you can’t see outside of that corn. You can worry about harvest and selling and other stuff that needs to be done, but all you can actually see is the corn that needs to be picked.

See the problem here? When you’re stuck in the corn, you can’t see where you need to go or make a bigger plan, and you can’t spot potential problems when you’re stuck in the thick of it. A storm could be rolling in or that field could be full of zombies and you wouldn’t know until it was too late.

You need to expand your vision, get a new perspective, and get above the details to see where you need to go.

But how do you do that? How do you learn what you don’t even know?

Answer: You learn from other people that are further along the path than you are. Luckily, lots of other people are only too happy to share their knowledge with you, but it might require an investment of time, money, and effort. (And it’s worth it!)

Is Your Vision Big Enough for Your Business?


How to expand your vision to expand your business

Join a mastermind

A mastermind is an online or in-person group where you can brainstorm and workshop with other people.

A few caveats though: free, low-quality masterminds are plentiful on Facebook, and I advise you to stay far away from them unless they come from a trusted source who can speak to the actual value. Unfortunately, many of these free groups just become noise and yield very little value, in my experience.

I suggest joining a paid mastermind for a few reasons: people who don’t take their businesses and growth seriously don’t typically fork over the cash to join a mastermind, so you’ll be with people who are really dedicated to growth and willing to put some skin in the game.

Paying for a group also ensures that YOU will put effort into your growth and expanding your vision if you’ve got some money on the line. I mean, how many free downloads do you actually read? How many free groups do you actively participate in? When you get something for free, it’s human nature to not value it as much. Do yourself a favor and pay up so you can then show up!

Also, make sure you join a mastermind where there are people who are a few steps ahead of you and whose businesses are a little larger than yours as well as those who may not be as far along. Why? Because you rise to the level of the people around you. Stretch yourself! And of course, as you grow, be one of those people who help those coming up.

Hire a coach, Online Business Manager, or Director of Operations

A coach, OBM, or DOO can see your business from the outside and provide much-needed perspective and insight.

It’s like they’re sitting high up on a tower in that cornfield and can help guide you. They can tell you where the good corn is and how to get back to the farmhouse, or which direction the market is.

So how do you know whether to hire a coach, OBM, DOO, or even a VA? It’s all about where you are and what you need. Do you need vision? Do you need help completing tasks so you can step back? Or do you need to get organized? Maybe you need to hand over management duties? Think about the specific skills you need.

  • A coach helps you develop your vision and strategy, depending on the type of coach. They tend to be very specific, so keep that in mind as you search for one.
  • A VA helps complete tasks and implement a plan you already have in place. They can free up a lot of time so you can take a breather and work on your vision.
  • An OBM can help you create and implement plans. This works best if you need help making and accomplishing a plan, or if you need someone to manage a team to get sh*t done.
  • A DOO oversees all the day-to-day operations of your business including staff, expenses, marketing tasks, product creation, and anything else that goes on in your business. A DOO might be for you, especially if you have a team and maybe even an OBM and need an extra level of support and strategy.

Read great books

Books are a fantastic, affordable way to start expanding your mindset right away. Now, books can’t provide personalized targeting or advice, but a good book can do wonders for your mindset and expose you to ideas you might never have considered otherwise.

Check out some of the greatest books in the business and personal development spheres.

There are a lot out there. Try these lists to get started:

Best Business Books of All Time

Best Mindset Books of All Time

Take time to set intentions and plan your day

Sometimes you need to climb out of the corn and take a look at where you are, but you have to stop what you’re doing for just a minute so you can do that.

Start your month, your week, and your day with a check in to see where you are in your business and where you want to go, then intentionally plan how you want to spend your time.

Don’t get sucked into the details. Act with intention.

My word for 2019 is Purposeful and this is a big part of it. I want to make sure everything I buy, do, and say in life and business has a purpose, and it’s impossible to do that if I don’t check in and step back every once in a while to figure out what that purpose actually is.

Taking time off and away from your business is also a great way to get a fresh perspective, so make sure you’re scheduling downtime and vacations!

You don’t know what you don’t know

Growth and expansion is a part of life. You’ve done it before, but now is the time to do it on purpose so you can grow your business.

Need help getting out of the weeds? I’d love to help! Let’s talk about your business, your strategy, and how you can grow!

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