Where Is Your Call To Action?

where is your call to actionI’ve looked around your site and it looks great. There are colorful pictures, plenty of white space, and interesting content. It was a pleasant 3-4 minutes and now I am ready to leave.

What?!?!? Why?

There isn’t a clear call to action. You aren’t asking me to do anything. Yes, there might be an opt in offer, a products page and even a services page. Don’t assume I have noticed everything. I’m skimming, remember?

What do you want me to do?

Having a call to action on every page is vital. How do you get what you want? Ask for it…on every page. Invite me to sign up for your list or newsletter. Offer me the opportunity to join your next seminar or to take advantage of a complimentary session. Direct me to another page or blog post on your website. Do you want me to watch a short video to demonstrate your latest product? Be sure to let me know the benefits of taking action. Tell me what responding will do for me. Save me time? Money? Relieve stress? Increase revenue? You can use a button or a graphic to deliver the call to action. Make it big enough to draw attention.

How to fix it…

Go through your site page by page. What is the next best step for your visitors? Tell them why it is a great idea to do it and then ask them to take it.

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