What type of website domain should I choose~.com or .net?

I have had many conversations over the years with clients about choosing the right website domain. The debate over .com domains vs .net domains is a common part of the discussion so I found it amusing when I saw this clip of iCarly with Carly & Sam emphasizing the .com of iCarly.com.

Losers is kind of harsh if one is to take it personally. If we look at it a little differently though, losers or losing is accurate. Using a .net instead of a .com pretty much guarantees losing a good number of visitors to your website.

One of your jobs as a business owner is to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. The most widely used, recognized and remembered domain extension is .com. I have a couple of clients that I have worked with for several years who have chosen different extension & even I still automatically type in .com when checking in on their website. Trust and believe that the average person will do the same and look for you using the .com extension.

What if someone else is already using the domain I wanted? Should I use a .net or a .biz or something else then?


what type of domain should i useGetting traffic to your website is a job in itself. Using something other than a .com creates an instant hurdle for you to have to overcome in your marketing efforts. If the domain you would like to use is already taken, here are a few of ideas you might try:

  • Play with the name a little bit adding a word or two. For instance,  YourBestLife.com could be ChoosingYourBestLife.com or CreatingYourBestLifeNow.com and LifeIsIdeal.com could be MyLifeIsIdeal.com or WhenMyLifeIsIdeal.com
  • Use keywords in your domain name, i.e. BeautyTipsForExecutives.com, HealthyToddlerRecipes.com, or AffordableNewHomeInsurance.com
  • Choose a domain name that is based on results that you deliver: CopyThatConverts.com, EndWebsiteShame.com, or GetFitFaster.com

The same thing goes for using hyphens. The-Entrepreneurs-Toolbox.com would not have been a choice for me if TheEntrepreneursToolbox.com had been taken. Any time you have to explain your web address, you have just created another hurdle which will definitely result in losing visitors, prospects & clients or customers.

There are situations where you may want to have a .org, .tv or your country like .au, .ca, etc. I am happy to chat with you about your situation. Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email.

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