What’s different about today?

It's Friday. End of the week. Again. 

I just want to ask you…

What's different about this Friday compared to last Friday?

How many things have you crossed off your to-do list?

We're almost 2/3 of the way through the first quarter of the shiny new year it seems like we were just celebrating a week or two ago.

Speaking of the New Year, how many of your goals for 2015 were carried over to 2016?

If you're on target and getting it done…Congrats! Kudos to you for taking action and making it happen!!

[Tweet “If your list is not full of check marks or items crossed off, there could be a multitude of reasons.”]

You want to help but instead of sharing what you love you hide your brilliance and hope others see it anyway. You want to do our own thing your way. Until you see a new way and it’s down the rabbit hole again.

Oh the lure of the new and shiny! It’s there to keep you searching or reaching for one more thing before  – well, before what?

Before I’m ready?
Before I decide to charge what I’m worth?
Before I hit send or publish?
Before I admit out loud that I am great at what I do?

I did some listening.

This is what I heard: I might be ready if I take another course or sign up for yet another webinar or read the right book or attend another conference. It was repeated in Facebook threads, emails and even in conversations.

I understand because I’ve been there too. Full of desire to make my mark and then pulling back again and again in search of validation that what I’m doing is right. Is good enough.

The real questions?

Do you believe that you offer value? If so, do you believe you deserve to be paid?

If you said yes to those two things (and I hope you did) then you are ready. I believe you have everything you need inside of you.

In the next 90 days everything can change.

I am here to help. Before you join yet another group or pay for another coaching program where you’re one of many, let’s have a one to one personal conversation.

About your dreams. Your goals. And exactly how you can get there.

Schedule here.



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