What’s the Alternative?

whats the alternativeI have been noticing lately that many people are not happy where they are. That seems obvious given the financial state of the country. The real surprise is that finances are not the center of unhappiness for the majority of people I am running into.

It's a variety of things~their house, their spouse, their car, their friends, their job, their weight, their kids~you get the idea.

You and I probably get on one of those bandwagons occasionally ourselves. Many times we become so caught up in situations that we forget that we have choices. We can actually make the choice to disengage before we take further action.

I think the first thing we need to do is notice. Notice that we are in that place, on that bandwagon.

The next step is to remember that it always comes down to choice. Everything we do, have & are is a result of the choices we have made up until this moment.

Now we can ask ourselves, ‘What's the alternative?' If not this, then what?

If the space we are in in this moment is not what we want it to be, we need to identify what we do want. What choice can we make to change the situation?

Upon deeper investigation we may realize that sometimes it is not so much the situation as it is our attitude about it.

If that's the case, the same question applies, ‘What's the alternative?'
What if we choose to adopt a healthier attitude? How could that improve the situation?

I challenge you in the days ahead to step back & explore the possibilities in those undesirable situations instead of continuing to engage in habitual responses.

Ask yourself ‘What's the alternative?'

I'll do the same. I would love it if you share the answers & results below!

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