Where’s Your Social Proof?

Where’s Your Social Proof?What do you think when you see a long line outside of a store, movie theatre, or restaurant? If you come upon a group of people looking up at the sky, do you look up also, almost involuntarily? Like it or not, its human instinct to think that if other people are doing something, it must be a good idea. We give more weight to an idea or experience when other people are agreeing with it or participating in it.

What are some examples of social proof?

  • Testimonials
  • Online reviews
  • Pictures of you actively engaged in your area of expertise (presenting, painting, teaching, cooking, working out, etc.)
  • Comments on your blog
  • Likes/followers on your social media
  • Pictures with other industry leaders
  • Coverage by media outlets
  • Case studies
  • People sharing your latest report or blog post
  • Awards
  • Membership badges

I’m sure there are more, feel free to add to it. Look through this list and figure out which of these you can put to use quickly and effectively. The key to remember is that in order to generate the buzz to begin with, you must have a reliable product, service or experience that produces the results your audience is looking for.

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