Who Would You Be?

who would you be

My 11 year old daughter is a member of Kid's Company, a local performing group.  It is a non-auditioned group, meaning that everyone is accepted, no auditions.  It is a great program that builds self esteem and teamwork among other values. Their first public performance was last December at Traditions at Mill Run, an assisted living facility.  These children range from kindergarteners to 6th graders.

I have to be honest.  I cannot be around that much purity of spirit without shedding a few tears.  Did I say a few?  I mean I needed a squeegee for my face!  As I sat there feeling their energy, listening & watching, I realized the beauty sprang from their pureness of heart.  No one had told them they might not be talented, that they could be off key, or that their voices might break.  Instead they were supported by a teacher and parents who praised their efforts and allowed them to shine.

These children sang from their hearts, giving it all they had.  It was beautiful!

All of this caused me to wonder who we could be, you and I, if we dismissed all of the things we have been told we should or shouldn't be, have, or do.

What if we went after our dreams and passions with our whole heart regardless of what other people think?

What if we reached for those things we were told were out of our reach?

Who would we be? Who would you be?

As Robert Schuller asked, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

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