Why Should I Choose You?

differentiate yourselfDifferentiate yourself…stand out! This is an area that is all too often overlooked or avoided. Perhaps you haven’t given it any thought or maybe it’s because you are too close to the situation. Many times we take for granted the things that set us apart. When something comes naturally to us, we tend to think it’s the same for everyone else. Stats are just stats, notes of praise from clients are nice but we don’t typically look at them as points that help us rise above the rest, giving our clients and prospects a reason to choose us over the competition.

Here’s an example.

Recently I went through a branding exercise and answered a myriad of questions and had met with my branding expert, Meredith Liepelt. She asked me why I don’t mention in any of my material that I work with clients around the world. OMG! I’m International and I didn’t even realize it!

Another area I had overlooked is that in the last 4+ years I have helped over 200 startup business owners launch their online presence and contributed to their business development strategies. I had no idea that was important to others! Looking through thank you notes and gifts, I was able to see a variety of items & services I deliver as part of doing everyday business yet my clients valued them as extras or going the extra mile. I was so busy doing what I do, I didn’t recognize that these points mean something to my prospects and clients.

What makes you stand out from the competition?

  • Your delivery system
  • Your follow up
  • Your customer service
  • Your location
  • Your money back guarantee
  • Referrals to other products or providers

Look around objectively and find other areas you can find to add to this list. Make sure to share them with your audience and let them know they are in good hands.

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