Why You Need to Create SOPs (Even if it’s just you in your business)

“The true measure of the value of any business leader and manager is performance.” – Brian Tracy


Quick refresher on SOPs: SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure, and it’s just what it sounds like. It’s a document that details the steps to accomplish a certain task in your business.

You should have an SOP for every repeatable task or process in your business. Here are some examples:  

  • Publishing blog posts
  • Inviting, scheduling, and creating podcast interviews
  • Onboarding clients and/or team members
  • Ordering supplies
  • Actually making SOPs (Yes, we have an SOP for creating SOPs!)

And those are just a few examples!

Guess what? Solopreneurs need SOPs too. Even if you’re a one-woman or one-man show right now, you need to create SOPs.

Ever forgotten to email your list when you’re doing everything else that needs to happen when you launch a new offering? I have.

I’m a huge stickler for SOPs because I know from experience that business runs so much more smoothly when your processes are written out.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Why you need SOPs, even if it’s just you.  

Outsourcing will be much easier when you’re ready 

SOPs will make outsourcing so much easier when the time comes. Onboarding a new team member is a big job already and SOPs make it easier if you have your processes documented, including your actual onboarding steps.

SOPs are the way to go, because they make hiring a breeze.


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When you do start outsourcing, it’s also important that processes are documented so that someone on your team can take over for you (or someone else on your team) if you or they have an emergency and can’t perform a task.

Quality control becomes automatic for you AND your (future) team 

SOPs ensure that a process is done the same way every time. It’s a quick cheat sheet to show you how something should be done. You have a ton on your mind and you don’t have the brain space for lots of tiny details for every little task.

Delivering consistent results and a cohesive presence is very attractive and can  open a lot of doors for you.

If you want to grow your business, you need to document your processes. SOPs are a must for every business, no matter how big or small.

The Easy Way to Create SOPs 

Luckily, creating SOPs doesn’t have to be a huge hassle.

You can do it yourself if you want, or you can hire someone to help you. When I need to make a new SOP, I have my team members document tasks they were already doing. If it's a task I've been doing, I record a video or invite them to a Zoom meeting and share my screen so they can record what I do as I do it.

BAM! SOP, ready to go.

Need help getting your sh*t together? I’ve got you covered.

My amazing team and I can help you get your processes documented and your business organized so you can grow the easy way. Let’s book a time to chat!

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