Where will your next 5 clients come from? (+ tracking tool)

Where will your next 5 clients come from?

Great question, isn’t it? I’m a huge fan of being open to all possibilities and I welcome the Universe to surprise me with new clients. That’s happened more than once. A completely unforeseen opportunity has landed in my lap. I love when that happens.

I also know that it’s typically not enough to sustain my business. To continue to grow and expand, it is imperative to have a plan for bringing in new clients. After all, the Universe responds when we’re taking actions that fit the thoughts and the energy we’re putting out into the world.

Too woo for you? Totally understand. I’m a practical, take-action person at heart. That’s why I have a simple system for bringing in new clients.

As you may know, I took some time away from my business in 2015 and 2016. When I was ready to ramp things back up, I was where you might be now. Ready to work but no clients (or very few) who were ready to begin a new website, or update their current site. I also didn’t have a list of people looking for list building or business growth consulting.

It was time to implement a plan to bring in new business. There are lots of things you can do. So many in fact that deciding which actions to take can lead to overwhelm and no action at all. That’s not helpful either.

Here’s a few simple do-now ideas that I use and I help my clients implement as well.

  • Send an email to your list (you have one right?) letting them know you’re open for new business. Be specific. What service are you ready to offer right now? Do you have a special incentive for return clients?
  • Network. Online. Offline. In Person. Regularly. Show up and comment and offer help in the Facebook groups that align with your work. Reach out and offer to help organize a meeting in your area or check out MeetUp.com and attend a live event. The energy from connecting in real life really can’t be replaced virtually.
  • Ask for help. Let your peers, friends, past clients and networking connections know you are ready for new clients. Make it easy. Let them know exactly who would be a good fit for you. Example: I’d love to connect with coaches, consultants and small practices who are looking to update their website and make it mobile-friendly.

You’ve probably heard the adage that what we measure grows, right? To help you as you bring in your next 5 clients I’ve created a simple tool that you can use to track and measure your progress. It’s easy to use and you can get started today. Yes, there are a lot of different electronic tools available to help you with this. This is to help you start getting those next 5 clients right now. You can research and learn a new system in time. Don’t put off bringing in new business now. Click here to go to download.

Many people I work with find this part of the business frustrating. It doesn’t have to be. Start today by committing to taking 15-20 minutes each day to review and update your prospect tracker. It will help you stay top of mind with those who are looking for your help and it ensures that during daily work you don’t forget to continue to grow your connections and contacts for new business.

Questions? Need help? If so, click here.

Until next time, celebrate your brilliance and share it with the world!

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