Wishing for good things to come? Me too. But I’ve also got a plan.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”
~Michael Jordan

Which one are you?

There's nothing wrong with wishing for good things. Humans are hard-wired to think beyond themselves and ponder what could be. We're taught to think of the possibilities. We celebrate a world with options and no one right way.

What separates those who wish and those who make it happen?

Probably not as much as you'd think.

We're just barely into 2017 and the avalanche of well-meaning articles about goal-setting, resolutions and focus for the new year are probably still in your inbox. Like you, I spent some time reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to 2017.

This year I also decided to go tactical.

For every goal, I also listed the first/next steps to making it happen.

Let me show you what I mean, this is what I did in December.

Goal: Bring in my next 5 clients for January.

First step: Create updated webinar content/slides.

Second step: Send email follow-up to prospects who expressed interest and share with my existing list.

Third step: Prep on-boarding info and have it ready for new clients who sign up.

You've heard the “eating the elephant story” right? It's done one bite at a time. Even huge goals like writing a book, or losing 40 lbs. or buying a new house happen one step at a time.

  • You write 500 words a day.
  • You start walking 20 minutes each day.
  • You talk to a realtor about options in your desired neighborhood.

For some of us, getting the next 5 clients might mean getting out of your comfort zone and networking.

It could mean sprucing up your website so it works well on mobile devices.
(Tip: this is going to become absolutely necessary very soon according to Google!)

Maybe you need to stop being a secret and let others know you're for hire.

Sometimes this is hard to decipher. When we're so close to our own work what's clear to others can be hard for us to see.

That's why I also have a go-to group of peers that I talk to when I want help identifying my next steps with clarity.

Over-achievers be cautious. The urge to make a list of 20 next steps can backfire. When it feels so overwhelming, we often don't take any action or we’ll hesitate to start because it feels like we'll never get there.

It's like trying to write the book, design the cover, find an editor, build a website to promote the book and plan a book tour all at once.


Today’s challenge: What one thing (just 1) will move you forward toward your next 5 clients?

Do that now!


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