Your Next Best Steps

It's time to do business better!

While there are definitely core fundamentals and foundations we all share in building our businesses, the support we need depends on where we are in our journey.

There are fabulous business models like retainer work, course creation, group coaching, digital and physical products, projects, agencies, and others. The model you choose to build (or transition to) has its own blueprint and consists of more than just creating the "thing" you're selling.

Have you already chosen your business model and you're starting to hit some walls in growing to your next level?

Or perhaps you're in that place where you're considering switching up your business model or adding another layer to your existing services.

Maybe you're wondering if you have all the pieces in place. You can't figure out what's missing or out of whack.

Whatever the case, I've got you!

One of my sweet spots is being able to see the big picture and knowing the steps that it takes to make it a reality. Helping female online business owners bring their vision to life is one of my greatest joys.

You're uniquely you.

You don't deserve cookie cutter or one size fits all solutions. We'll pinpoint where you're at and focus in on what needs to happen next in order to get you where you want to be.

Going deep and working with you to achieve your bigger vision is where I choose to spend my time. In light of that, I am only working one on one with clients these days. No courses, no group programs.


Having said that, there are a variety of ways we can work together.
Let's find the one that is best for you!

Ongoing Support

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Straight forward support that helps you map out your Next Best Steps

More details on the way!

Business Audit & Consult

Providing you with actionable items to confidently move forward!


If you're anything like my clients and even me, building your business likely looked like that old saying, "building the plane while flying it."

You started offering your "thing" and as the money started coming in, you began putting things in place to support you.

You learned what you needed to do from webinars, lead magnets, courses, and even asking around in various groups.

And it worked!

Until it didn't.

Now you're either running into break downs in your business or you're losing sleep, waiting for them to happen. Or both!

Been there, done that and that anxiety is not something I would wish on even my ex-husband!

You know it's time to stop being reactive and begin being proactive.

Audits don't have to be scary! Many people find them quite liberating because it's simply taking inventory of what's working and what's not.

I'll gather everything into a report along with a checklist format document to make it easy for you or your team to begin taking confident action. You can begin creating your solid foundation that gives you peace of mind and restful nights!

Introductory Price $1500



Voxer Support

Individual support on the go. It's like having me at your fingertips!


There are times in our life that things are a bit less structured and/or we aren't in a place where we need a specific program BUT we do need support and accountability.

My solution? On the Go, Voxer Support!

Here's how it works~

We will kick off your 3 months of support with a call to outline major concerns and I'll send you a summary along with an overview a checklist.

As you begin to work through your list, you message me via Voxer and share your ideas, let me know what roadblocks are popping up, ask questions, seek advice, and/or ask for feedback as things come up.

During our 3 months together, you will receive support responses Monday through Friday with a 24 hour turnaround time. (typically sooner)

Let's get started!

$1500 full pay or $600/mo. for 3 months



In Their Words~

Karla Moss

"Working with Teresa has been the best thing that I've done for my business in the 5 years of being operation. She's helped me put together the crucial pieces of a successful, growing business.

I've raised my prices, automated processes and we're in the process of building an online home for my signature program,
30 Lbs Down."

Karla Moss, M. Ed.
Personal Trainer
Misha Vayner

"I am absolutely mind blown by Teresa in all the ways. She was able to quickly solve and answer questions I have been waiting to hear back from my website host company and Convertkit on for over 1 week with a smile, patience and immense warmth. She is extremely knowledgeable but what sets her apart from others is her efficiency, patience, warmth and vast knowledge in all areas from email marketing to website set up and much more. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and will be sure to hire her in the future."

Misha Vayner
Your Well Guide

"I love working with Teresa Cleveland! She has such innovative ideas and expertise. She has put together a team of extremely talented individuals and they are the perfect resource for our small business. She makes sure we get our projects done on time. I highly recommend you give Teresa a call and see how she can free you up to focus on what matters most and stay in your strength zone!"

Kathy Tagenel
President, Go-Giver International

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