Your Purpose Isn’t Clear

Your purpose isn't clear

Your purpose isn't clear. Why are we here?

Yes…we. There’s you and there's me, your website visitor.

You have a great idea, product, service. It’s important to know what you want your website to accomplish. What do you want to communicate with me? What action(s) do you want me to take? This is yet another place that knowing your ideal audience is key. What is my next best step I am likely to take?

Are you:

  • providing a service?
  • selling a product?
  • teaching a skill?
  • creating brand awareness?
  • sharing your opinion on a given topic or industry?
  • positioning yourself as an expert?
  • informing people about yourself?
  • creating a community?
  • growing your list?
  • interacting with clients and prospects?
  • creating a membership site?

It’s not uncommon to have a combination of the areas above. Are you able to communicate your purpose in 1-2 sentences? That’s what search engine directories are looking for.

This information will also help keep you focused as you develop your website. You may decide to add some new features or technology to your site to better achieve your purpose.

Once you have gotten clear about what your purpose is for the site, it makes it much easier to communicate that to me, your website visitor.

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